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Are you ready for a SHIFT?

I am a change agent; I love to help women step into their greatest potential despite all of the challenges in their relationships, their work, their spiritual path and any other areas of life that they are feeling stuck.

I help women rework relationships with people in their lives that trigger them the most. I help them show up more authentically, taking off their masks and help free them to talk about all of the things our mothers told us not to! We unlock the repressed feelings in your heart that you know you want to get out…and we do it with grace and ease.

Do you feel like a whirling dervish?

Definition: “A person whose behavior resembles a rapid, spinning object.”

Do you feel like you are constantly avoiding what needs to be done and have no focus?

Are you feeling run down, immobilized, or alone?

Do you feel shut down, unseen, unheard and basically invisible?

Do you yearn to speak up and just say No?

Do you feel like you are giving up your dreams in order to support others in theirs?

Do you feel like you live in a fog and lose things often?

Do you feel spastic, fidgety, and are incessantly babbling?

Do you feel out of control, like there is no way out, like this is the way your life is destined to be lived?

Phew. That feels heavy and hard to process, right?

Now, I want to know if you would like to feel confident again, have your voice back and start putting yourself first?

Are you ready to unearth your destructive ways of showing up and finally let them go? Are you ready to rediscover your value and uncover your passion? Are you ready to take off your mask and let the real YOU show up in life?

I can hear you screaming HELL YESSSS!

I want you to know that you don’t have to feel stuck forever. Most of us are operating based on a system we’ve been indoctrinated into. But you don’t have to continue on like that.

Kristin Tatman Sitting on Rocks

My name is Kristin and as a Transformational Life Coach, I help women change the way they’re showing up in their world. We talk about how they behave in relationships, in their career, and how they show up with themselves. The good news is that we uncover lots of amazing things as well! You are not alone in this; I was there too!

I am a daughter, wife, mom and a serial entreprenuer. Along my journey, I’ve been a partner in a family travel business for over 30 years. My greatest joy in owning a business was the work I got to do with our team. After hiring coaches to help us with our business, I was hooked and knew someday I wanted to be a coach helping others live out their dream of business ownership as well. I’ve spent most of my adult life working on personal development (for fun). My focuses have been on helping others with improving relationships, anxiety, depression, assertiveness, ADHD, leadership and more. I am a certified Relationship Coach, Certified NLP Coach, an Assertiveness Coach and I have my Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. I get people, I get business, I get relationships and I get the everyday struggles of life… Been there done that!!!

Ten years ago, I was unhappy with how my daily and most intimate relationships were going. I’d had this feeling of disconnectedness for most of my life, but at that point I realized that I had had enough. I simply couldn’t do it anymore. I was tired of the struggle, stress & overwhelm, and I decided to get some coaching to help me overcome my greatest barriers and transform from the inside out.

The journey I’ve been on has felt exhausting and lonely at times and as I’ve been moving through my own journey, other women started to reach out and ask for help so that they could do the same.

They saw me saying YES to myself and doing things like:

  • Going back to school for my master’s after 20+ years.
  • Creating a new career and finding a new purpose for myself.
  • Taking care of myself, eating well, working out, and studying how to improve my health.
  • Going on trips and attending conferences for fun.

Now I’ve taken my Life Coaching Program online to help women across the world go after their own dreams. You CAN go back to school, create a better career, and go after the dreams that were squashed before life, marriage, kids, or your career took over.

Are you ready?

If you’re screaming yes, there’s no time like now. I don’t want you to waste another second struggling, hoping, or wishing that things could be different for you. Things can be different, and you can start now. We can do this together through 1:1 coaching or when you join one of my programs.

This is Some of My Clients Experiences:

The thing that leads me back time and time again to Kristin Tatman Coaching (both Facebook pages, groups and website) is her ability to post relevant topics that work both my heart and mind. She challenges me to push past my fears and believe that I can do anything I set my intentions on.

Stephanie L.

A majority of my life I had a very hard time believing in myself and not thinking I had many usable talents. In my college years I came across Kristin Tatman Coaching, and she was exactly what I needed. Kristin has helped me break down my blocks of self doubt and created a plan for me to start re training the way I talk to myself. Within my first month of seeing Kristin, I started to notice changes in my attitude and self-confidence by consciously using the tools she had been giving me. I am just on the beginning of my journey with Kristin, and love that I am becoming more connected to my authentic self daily. Kristin Tatman is a coach for all ages and I would recommend her to anyone that has a block that they need to overcome, even if it is a block from the past that can’t seem to be let go. I am blessed to have found this type of support. Thank you Kristin!

Grace S.

As an acquaintance in the community, I have known Kristin Tatman for sometime. During each of our brief encounters over the years, I felt a deep spiritual and emotional “connectedness” to Kristin. So, when the time came to rediscover myself after 25 years of raising children, Kristin was my obvious choice for my Life Coach.

Kristin encourages me to be mindful of myself and others. Nurturing self-love, acceptance and holistic growth, have been the focus of our sessions. I am learning to embrace the Gifts of my Spirit. I am defining my “Soul’s Intention.” I am now building “like-minded” relationships. Generally, I am now showing up for life in an authentic way.

I am grateful and honored to walk this journey with Kristin’s insights, compassion and encouragement. I highly recommend Kristin Tatman Coaching to any person seeking their TRUTH.

Theresa H.

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