Letting Go and Letting God

Letting Go and Letting God has been my mantra for as long as I can remember and it has never had more meaning to me than it does right now.

What does it mean to “Let go and let God“?

How do you define “let go” or “let God”?

And how on earth does a whirling dervish like me with a daughter home from college, a son with a high school graduation-and party, my youngest daughter dancing a recital and a big sweet 16 around the corner along with entertaining family and friends simply Let Go and Let God?

Have I mentioned My Book and the final countdown to my Masters in Spiritual Psychology degree? These past 30 days have been hectic and mind numbingly full to say the least!

I’m writing a book, a combination life planner and workbook written to teach others about the process of connecting to their “higher self” in an effort to discover their purpose, create the life of their dreams and enjoy inner peace. I am using the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple soul) acronym to make it a light and easy read as I am writing this from a “beginners mind” new on this journey myself. It’s called “Spiritual Awakening for Newbies”.

As you can imagine many issues and internal struggles have come up around the creation of my final project. I feel inspired by God, the Divine, Spirit/Source whatever you call your higher power to write this book and as many times as I have tried to abandon writing out of fear and doubt that I’m the right person to write it, I kept receiving these nudging’s from Source to get it done!

Through hard work, faith and working every possible second with purpose, everything has come into alignment except during this last month. Somehow, while I’ve been dealing with “life” a large part of me has been feeling stuck wrapping all of the elements of my book up into a pretty little package.

I’m unsettled. I’m uncertain.

Time to Let Go and Let God.

To me, it has felt like a message from the divine telling me something was missing and that it wasn’t ready to get wrapped up. The message was to sit and wait for the answer but my deadline was fast approaching. After more than 30 days of sitting and waiting, lots of hours of prayer, meditation and feeling as though I was doing nothing (which couldn’t be further from the truth), I felt discouraged and inadequate. I felt this deep sense that I was procrastinating and using God’s nudging’s to wait as my excuse once again to give up the dream.

Then finally it came to me that this project was not my own, not my vision but a vision from God and if it wasn’t time to complete it that I would surrender and allow that to be my reality. – And with that, I was given the answer. What was missing from my book was the backbone of the content, which was to teach others how to connect to Spirit for direction or in other words, LIVE my mantra “Let Go and Let God”.